Independence Day, Not Feeling It This Year

This year I am not feeling very patriotic and the Fourth of July seems to be just another day. It seems that a lot of people are suffering around the country and that cannot be ignored. When people are in fear of losing their rights as full citizens there is nothing patriotic about that. Racism and gun violence are on the rise. Children are still separated from their families and that is not worth waving the flag about. America is not a shining city on a hill anymore and there is great sadness there. So, I won’t be saying the pledge or singing the anthem. Nope. I am going to work today and that’s that.

May God give watch over those people in America who at this hour are in need, suffer and are living a nightmare and not a dream.

9 thoughts on “Independence Day, Not Feeling It This Year”

    1. I strongly suggest those posts should be read with “Ashokan Farewell” by Jay Ungar playing in the background. (It was used as the theme song for Ken Burns’ documentary series “The Civil War”, although the piece itself was actually composed in the 1980s.)

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  1. We’ve been on this downhill slide for quite a while now, it has just seemed to come to head in the last couple of years. Hoping today is a peaceful one out there, too many tempers are smoldering and ready to go off.

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