Signs, Signs Everywhere Signs It’s 2018 Campaign Season

Campaign season is going on here and other places. Local, state and federal races are happening including a very ugly race for The Governor of Tennessee. Not sure the correlation between the size of the sign and candidate ego.

I’m ready for this to be done because the races are being run with plenty of attack ads on television too. Thank goodness for the mute button. Can we end this please?

3 thoughts on “Signs, Signs Everywhere Signs It’s 2018 Campaign Season”

  1. We’ve got our own governor’s race going on in Florida as well. Oy vey. The top two candidates in the GOP primary both seem like opportunists looking to pad their resumés (and one of them, Ron DeSantis, is actually my Congresscritter who is leaving his seat to run for Governor). And I have no clue who to support on the Democratic side, as Florida is a closed primary state, and that would be the primary I’d be voting in. It seems like Phillip Levine is the favorite there, but I’m not too crazy about him; I don’t know if he could get independent voters to vote for him. I’m thinking of skipping the primary altogether and focusing on making sure I can get a new ID in time to vote in November. And of course, we have a Senate race going on that looks to be nasty, even though the outgoing Governor looking to get the GOP nomination won both of his gubernatorial elections by just over 1% (one of my friends, whose politics are even bluer than mine, likes to call him “One Point Rick” because of that).

    I’ll be so glad when all this noise is over, too. I’m hoping for a Blue Wave 🌊, but I’m not optimistic. And then all the attention will turn to 2020…😬

    Looks like I’ll need large doses of Colbert 🤨, Noah, Maher, and Oliver this fall (we just switched TV providers and now have HBO as a result).


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