9 thoughts on “Question Of The Day

  1. I have had less meat and extra veggies – like broccoli – but I think meat is crucial for certain blood types -and people have weigh issues or health prone they mistakenly make meat when the fats and oils are crucial –
    I think People need to eat for their blood type
    And I really like Marks daily Apple (website) for great info

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  2. I do sometimes, but not too often. I actually do it the other way around: I eat more veggies and less (almost no) meat when I’m home, and then when I go out to eat I don’t worry too much about eating meat or not. It’s a nice balance.

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  3. Oh no no there is a very few variety of veggies here in Pakistan. Only posh restaurants offer veggies with creamy pasta, rice and steaks. I love avocado, brocolli, carrots and peas. Mashed potato and sour cream are amazing with salmon or meat 🙂 Else, there is no such substitute scene 😦 You get bombarded with creamy chicken curries and spicy roasts or skew kebabs that are amzing for getting pimples 😦 😀


  4. Sometimes. Most restaurants in New York city have meatless or vegetarian choices. Better yet one can just go to a vegetarian restaurant then you won’t have to worry. I’ve had some delicious vegetarian meals


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