3 thoughts on “Last Day of September”

      1. I love Halloween and Christmas for the decorations. When we lived in West Palm Beach we decorated and had hundreds of kids. It was grand. In fact a couple years we had two days of Halloween. ( we lived in an affluent neighborhood and the homeowners committee decided they did not want the poor kids coming over to our area and getting candy so they did Halloween a day early. Made Ron and I so angry we did the first day , and then for the people in the less affluent communities we pulled out all the stops, we had everything set up, lights and decorations and tons of candy. The homeowners committee gave us heck but we told them if they thought denying kids a treat based on wealth was a good thing they could go to…. But we moved here to a retirement community in 2004. In all the time we have been here we have had only one child trick or treat. About five years ago the church behind our home ( great neighbors wonderful people ) started doing the trick or treat in a the trunk program. That is where all the church people decorated their cars and had candy in the trunk, and the kids dressed up, after some fun games at the church they went car to car to get treats. It is safer for the children, and we support their effort. But we don’t decorate any more because the fun has gone out of it, at least for us old people.


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