4 thoughts on “Atlanta United, Major League Soccer Champions #mlscup

  1. I’m an Orlando City fan, but to win a title in just a team’s second year of existence is almost unheard of! Makes me think of the Las Vegas Knights going to the Stanley Cup finals in their very first season. The (then) Florida Marlins won a World Series in their 5th season, and the Mets won one in their 8th season as a team.

    Now if only good fortunes could strike for Orlando City…

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      1. I know, the NFL moved the Pro Bowl from Hawaii to Orlando a couple of years ago, and the Citrus Bowl (I know, I know, “Camping World Stadium”, but we locals know it as the Citrus Bowl) hosts college bowl games. We’re still primarily a basketball town, though, even if our team’s fortunes tend to ride with the strength of our success in the Draft Lottery (my goodness, I wish the Draft Lottery would go away, because it pins a poor team’s chances of drafting any top players on the luck of the draw rather than the strength of record, or lack thereof).

        Did you hear about Miami’s last-second touchdown to beat the Patriots, though? As a Dolphins fan, I am absolutely smiling at the fact that we pulled one out over the Patriots.


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