4 thoughts on “Making A Living On The Phone”

  1. I often get irritated when someone phones me and tries to sell me something or when I phone them and they’re inable to solve my issues. But I always try to stay polite, because I know they’re just doing their job. Same with store clerks and… well, pretty much everyone. But it’s easy to forget when you don’t actually see the person, that you are talking to a person.

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  2. The same goes for anyone working in a service based job. I work retail, and it can be tough (especially since it is the holidays and a lot of people are frazzled and short tempered.

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  3. Good to know but I am not a person who is very good at conversations on the phone. I get disturbed from unnecessary calls, hence its almost always on silent mode. Are you getting ready for Christmas? Sending you Blessings from Down Under Brisbane 🙂


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