The Past Seven Days

Without going into major details it’s been a tough past 7 days. My hope is that I rose to the challenge. Yes I made it through with God’s help and the good graces of some good people.

Last Thursday my dad went into the hospital and he was discharged yesterday. Thanks for your concern and care my friends. He is doing much better.

Something To Warm The Imagination In This Cold Season


Many of us are in the grips of some really cold weather. The northern USA and southern Canada especially. May this picture remind you of warmer days and make you think warm thoughts. Stay safe everyone who are suffering sub-zero conditions right now.

A Comment About Jussie Smollet

I don’t know much about “Empire” star Jussie Smollett but I know he’s an actor, human and happens to be gay. He was attacked in Chicago by men who sought to harm him in a very violent way. Those who attacked him are a part of a great problem of prejudice, hate and homophobia. Smollett has worked to make life better for all in his community. The America of the 21st century should be about love, compassion, inclusion and peace. Those who sought to harm him are a part of a serious problem that must be fixed.