A Note To My Followers, I’m Sorry

I want to say if you have ever been offended by a post or a comment I have posted please know I am truly sorry. I hope you see me as a kind person who is considerate of everyone. Then again I am very human and I do make mistakes. Sometimes what I post on my blog or when I comment doesn’t always translate to the keyboard from my head. Being mean isn’t in my nature, just ask anyone I know. Once again my friends I do want you to know I value our connections and I can’t afford to lose friendships. Thank you for understanding with respect and repentance. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me. If you wish to ever un-follow my blog I won’t hold ill will against you. Sorry for any misunderstandings on my part.

The only thing for sure we know about communication is that we tend to get it wrong. Michael Ray Smith.

8 thoughts on “A Note To My Followers, I’m Sorry

  1. I have learned over the years to take all info with a grain of salt. I enjoy your daily offerings and usually click the stars to show my appreciation. Even if I don’t agree, I never feel resentment or anger. Every human is created by God and entitled to their opinion and thus deserves respect.


  2. Never seen anything on your blog that I considered could be hurtful to some readers, but we never know, do we? I found out, through my 3 years of blogging, that sometimes it really doesn’t take much to upset someone…

    No worries with me, you are always kind and sweet to me, Tony 🙂 xx

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  3. I’ve accepted that, whatever we do, we can’t please everyone. I know you’ve never intentionally tried to hurt anyone by your posts. But blogging should be a safe space for a blogger to speak their minds as well, especially on personal blogs. You are one of the kindest, most supportive bloggers I know. Stay true to you.

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  4. You’ve always seemed kind to me, but we cannot please everyone. I told someone they deserved better than to be abused and lost a “friend” for it. You just keep doing you, everything you do comes from a place of kindness and thoughtfulness ❤


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