Quick Thoughts On Mueller Report

The results of the Mueller Report have more questions than answers. It does not matter what it says because in order to create meaningful change you have to vote. American’s need to show up to the polls in November 2020 to be sure Trump is defeated and to turn Congress into a Democratic led majority.

Collusion or conspiracy aren’t enough. You have to show up on election day and the primaries. Don’t trust an investigation to replace the ballot box.

Don’t boo, vote my friends.

2 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts On Mueller Report”

  1. Exactly! Honestly when the report first started I thought “Oh, something is finally going to happen”. Then as time went on and Trump did terrible thing after terrible thing, I thought to myself “Nothing is going to change their minds about him” But also, I think Trumps too stupid to collude,lol. He just does what he’s told,lol

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