The World Is On Fire Or Is It?

It seems the world is on fire. Not only nation vs. nation but person vs. person. So much violence, drama, strife. Some fire bullets and others fire words. Relationships are so fractured that they are beyond repair. So much of what we see and experience has left burn marks and scorched earth. The Internet is also on fire too with public flaming happening all the time.

As a piano man once sang we didn’t start the fire and it still burning. Its so sad that people can’t be who they want because their families would shut them out. Our environment is burning in a sea of plastic. Selfishness among other things is the fuel of this fire. These are fires I don’t care to see.

Is there hope? Can we shower water of cleansing and healing over people and the land we live on. Or is the fire too fierce.

One thought on “The World Is On Fire Or Is It?”

  1. In answer to your question, and in my opinion, it all depends on the people involved and how willing they are to be mature and be free without putting others in bondage. Just this week I discovered that there are people who read books and listen to sermons about prosperity. The “almighty” dollar and getting what they wants supersedes everything else in their lives. It’s one form of selfishness that you speak of that starts fires.

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