Being Real

A blog is a platform for a lot of things and sharing of ideas and feelings. Being real is something I am beginning to explore more. It take courage to do this. For those who are new here I have been a generally positive person but sometimes you can’t be so positive because life doesn’t steer you that way. I think being genuine is a risk, being sincere is always good and being yourself is a must. Having people to stand with you is always welcome.

3 thoughts on “Being Real”

  1. I could not agree more with these words, Tony. It is definitely a scary thing showing the world our true faces, but it’s liberating too. It is something I struggle with day to day. Knowing that we are surrounded by people who accept and embrace us for who we are helps a lot and they remind us that being who we are isn’t a bad thing at all. 🙂

    Really awesome thoughts and inspiring post, my friend!

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