Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker – The End Of An Era #starwars


The end of an era has come to the Star Wars story. At least the one involving Luke, Leia, Han; Rey, Finn, and Poe. “The Rise Of Skywalker” is a movie that is charged with concluding the series as we know it. There is lots of action and some solid performances. This movie does pull at heartstrings while tying up many of the loose ends across all the stories we have seen.

I have heard some bad reviews about this movie and I really don’t think it’s warranted. Any end to something as beloved as Star Wars is hard. Everyone has their wish for what they want to see happen. My take is that the vision of the writers, producers, actors and production crew is what matters and I am along for the ride. Some fans just need to chill. The Force, The Empire and The Resistance are essential to this and every movie. It will be interesting to see where Star Wars goes from here.



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Tony "T-Bird" Burgess

Hi there, my name is Tony Burgess from Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. I am a believer, bleeding-heart, idealist and blogger. I'm married to Laura and Cody is our dog. Daily I work for a blood bank. My blog is where I chronicle and curate the sacred, serious and silly things in my life. I am a member of The Episcopal Church. Thank you for connecting with me. Grace, peace, and love!

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