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I am not a religious blogger. However, I am a blogger who is religious. The focus of this blog is the whole of my life in which religion and faith play just a part of. I believe in a higher heavenly power who is more commonly known as God. His/her son is pretty cool too.

Lately, I found I can breathe and believe as I wish in a mixed community of people. Sometimes being in the company of some who are religious you find yourself having serious and sometimes heated conversations about theology, doctrine, and dogma. Here on my blog, I would rather not face that. I just want to have a big tent here as much as possible. You can’t always do that elsewhere. So don’t be shocked if you see me post things that are secular and sometimes irreverent.

My religious posts are meant to inform and not proselytize. I don’t identify as Christian but I do identify as Episcopalian/Anglican and I find that suits me better. Now I do say that blogging is my second religion. Just so you know.

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Tony "T-Bird" Burgess

Hi there, my name is Tony Burgess from Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. I am a believer, bleeding-heart, idealist and blogger. I'm married to Laura and Cody is our dog. Daily I work for a blood bank. My blog is where I chronicle and curate the sacred, serious and silly things in my life. I am a member of The Episcopal Church. Thank you for connecting with me. Grace, peace, and love!

6 thoughts on “Blogging, Religious Just So You Know”

  1. Hello Tony. You have the right to identify yourself as you wish, and to celebrate your faith. As long as you are not using your faith to harm or oppress others it is really a matter of what your faith gives you. If it gives you comfort and helps you live, that is a positive. As you know I am an atheist openly gay man who takes great offence at religious people who use their faith to bash and deny me equal rights. I have never gotten that vibe from you or your blog and I enjoy your posts. The world is big enough for all of us if we are willing to tolerate others ideas and opinions as long as they are not used to harm others. Sometimes when you post something religious, I simply ignore it, it doesn’t hurt me and it is part of you. Win win for everyone. I love the old cathedrals I seen in Germany and Europe, one doesn’t need to be religious to see the grandeur and feel awe at those structures. Anyway, best wishes. Glad to see you are healing from the shock you got last year. Hugs

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