This Whole Damned Thing

This whole damned thing has me blue. Depression can be kind of magnified during times like this. We are all trying to make sense of it all. Prepare for worst, hope for best as they say. Sure, pray to God for help but its not the only thing you can do. The world has enough death before this pandemic and its like piling on. As a grown person I know life is a gift and fleeting but still too many people have so much more life to give and the whole thing doesn’t make sense or something like that.

Published by

Tony "T-Bird" Burgess

Hi there, my name is Tony Burgess from Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. I am a believer, bleeding-heart, idealist and blogger. I'm married to Laura and Cody is our dog. Daily I work for a blood bank. My blog is where I chronicle and curate the sacred, serious and silly things in my life. I am a member of The Episcopal Church. Thank you for connecting with me. Grace, peace, and love!

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