Transgender Day Of Visibility

To all transgender people who are living their truth may you be visible today and every day. I support you who are making the transition and I give you my support and love. May the violence of lawmakers stop once and for all.

Thought Of The Day 03302022

It’s only been a couple of days since the Academy Awards debacle and I am already tired of hearing about it. Chris Rock shouldn’t have made jokes about Will Smith’s wife Jada and Will shouldn’t have lost his cool by slapping/hitting Chris. So, what I am trying to say is the whole thing shouldn’t have happened.

There are more important things to discuss. Although you can talk about more than one thing.

Here’s a shout-out to Bruce Willis who is now fighting a health battle in which he will need action hero strength to get through.

The Rhythm Of Taylor Hawkins

Rhythm is a part of life. In music, it can be everything. Every ensemble or band has to have someone to create a rhythm that can get people dancing. Taylor Hawkins was that person for the rock band Foo Fighters. He died last week when the band was on a world tour. He was an amazing drummer who made his band so much better. From what I understand he was a really good person.

It’s rare when you have a band with two legendary drummers including Dave Grohl who was the drummer for Nirvana. Foo Fighters will have to find a way forward to make the rhythm happen once again. Rest in power Taylor. Your talent will live on.