Donation Time At Blood Assurance #blooddonormonth #chattanooga #blooddonor #donateblood @bloodassurance


Giving at the office (I work for a blood bank) some A-Negative whole red blood cells for those who need it. It’s good to help others. The first donation of the new decade. Whatever you can do to help those in need just do that.

A Ramble About Mental Health

A group from my church are exploring mental health and supporting one another in those situations where life gets too much. Having resources and compassion can help a great deal. Across the blogosphere much is written about the subject and I will admit I don’t know it all but from my experience admitting you have a problem, getting help and even medication can help you through the tough times.

Personally I am dealing with depression so I am coping the best I can. There is way more to it I know but you know support and understanding is important. Bring those into the fold who suffer and make time to help and get help. This is the first I will post on this issue as I learn much more.

Help In The Tough Times

Life is hard, its tough, its sometimes unforgiving. However life gives us people to help us along the way when you face hard, tough, unforgiving times. There is no shame in admitting you need professional assistance when you feel overwhelmed. Getting that help can save your life. Most of what we face in this world is situational and temporary. If we give life a chance we can make it. Winston Churchill once said “if you are going through hell, keep on going”. There is a way forward that does not involve ending your life or harming yourself.

I am not an expert but if anyone needs someone to talk to I am available. I am no expert but I do care. Locally there are resources available that can make a difference and help you get better. Have hope in a brighter tomorrow as you go through a dark present.

Love, grace and peace to you all.

Help and Donuts

This morning we went to Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast and as we were leaving a man comes up and asks us if we can help him by buying him some donuts for his family. He and his family were trying to rebuild their lives after being burned out of their home. All he wanted was two donuts but I got him six.

Please know I am not trying to brag or to boast for helping a complete stranger. Helping people should be something natural for me since I do it for a living. As a believer, my faith informs me that I am to help others.

But in the grand scheme of things its difficult to know who needs help and those who don’t. I am kind of cynical these days but today was one of those situations where helping this man was something I needed to do. Perhaps I am too judgmental or assume too much. There are stories of people asking for cash and all they want it for is to buy cigs, booze or something else that doesn’t help them like food, shelter, essentials. You know it was $6, it didn’t break the bank. I really hope he enjoyed the chocolate glazed donuts.

I can say that there have been times when we have needed help and it was good to return the favor and passing it forward. This man we helped today needed donuts. Some day it could be a man needing some hope. Sometimes that man is me.

Answering The Call

When was the last time you answered a call for help? In the past has your call for help been answered?  A call for help is an opportunity to be someones super hero when they are in distress. Everyone has that time in their lives when they need a helping hand or maybe an ear that will listen to your troubles. The help we give can be the one thing that saves a life. We all have times when we need assistance. For some a prayer is a cry for help while others will use a phone, computer or other method. Today will  you answer the call if it comes? If you need help will you call for help?