How To Stay Goth Past Your 50s

I found this on Facebook and it made me chuckle. I was never a Goth but I knew a few people who were kinda like that in high school. Be who you are or wish you were like back in the day.

Also, the bottom line about your website is a riot.

The Onion does great satire if you ask me.

Author: Tony "T-Bird" Burgess

Hi there, my name is Tony Burgess from Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. I am a believer, bleeding-heart, idealist, and blogger. I'm married to Laura and Cody is our dog. Daily I work for a blood bank. My blog is where I chronicle and curate the sacred, serious, and silly things in my life. I am a member of The Episcopal Church. Thank you for connecting with me. Grace, peace, and love!

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