Education Killing Terror, Fear


I found this on Facebook. Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan is a young woman who faced fear and said it sucks. After being injured at the hands of extremists and lived to tell her story, she has become a global inspiration for us all. Perhaps we should focus on what is doing harm to the world. The 21st Century must be about advancing humanity instead of advancing harm, fear, unnecessary tools of destruction and most importantly making peace, making love and not making even more war. Just imagine if we focused on hope instead of hate.

We should be building schools, bridges, opportunities and not walls. Our greatest weaknesses come from a place of being scared I think. Maybe, just maybe we can change course, do good things. Love one another.

Fear Not

Today lets not focus on fear but lift up hope. Fear inspires hatred and we need to love more I think. Perhaps today we should focus on the things that make our world better for everyone, maybe that will transform bad people into good people. Our world needs change and it begins with the person you see in the mirror every morning. Fear not, have faith, lets do this!

Things Aren’t All That Bad

I find it interesting that people say certain things are destroying our country when in reality the things they defend do much greater harm. The people who complain a lot are the ones who see others getting the rights and privileges they have exclusively enjoyed. People feast on fear of things that are different and we all know what fear can do to a person. Yes things aren’t the way they used to be and change is a fact of reality.

We pick the wrong fights about things that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I am not big on doomsday but prefer to have hope for a brighter tomorrow. Fear not is a common theme throughout scripture and maybe we should just chill out. Maybe we should work to be better and not bitter when we don’t get our way. My friends everyday is a new opportunity to make things better for everyone, not just a select few. The freedoms you have are the same freedoms people are struggling for elsewhere. Yes there are people who seek to do us harm but the best way to counter that threat is to live our lives and to share love, not hate.

Things aren’t all that bad. Don’t worry, be happy as Bobby McFerrin once said.