A Short Ramble About Hope

Hope is a nice girl. Hope in a different way can break your heart. But its hope that helps you know you have a chance for the future. It is a very human thing to give up hope in times when you feel nothing you can do can change things. Everyone needs hope to sustain us. You are alive because you cling to hope for a better tomorrow. It’s all a part of being alive where you will feel pain but that is the price we all pay for love.

Just The Way You Are

It’s OK to be a fool or foolish sometimes. It is an admission you are human. We all try to be cool and appear as being perfect. No one is free of flaws and it makes us all more unique and special. Drop the tough act and allow yourself to be yourself. However that takes being vulnerable and finding out who you are and discovering that person who you are. One thing I will say is no matter what you have heard is that God indeed loves you just the way you are…paraphrased from Billy Joel of course.