Money, Money, Money

Money makes things happen. It changes things and people. It’s what we do with money that can determine if it makes us happy or makes things worse. Money by itself can do little but with a human being in charge of it interesting things can happen. Just a thought or two.

So I Changed My Blog Theme

I am now using the Motif theme and I think it looks a little more polished and more suited to my personality. What do you think? Many of you inspire me in what you do with your blogs content and function. Your feedback is welcome!

What You Can Expect From My Posts

I plan on posting several times a day. Things inspire me all the time and as a blogger I want to share them with the world. Now I realize that could mean some post fatigue and I will try to not overwhelm you. My posts have a positive spirit about them but on occasion I will vent frustrations and question things. My blogging is about chronicling and curating the things in my life that are sacred to me at the same time doing so in a not too serious way. I don’t keep my blog in a box as it comes to when I post. Life is meant to blog about it.

Thank you WordPress community for accepting me and welcoming me here. I appreciate it. Keep on blogging!