Florence Is Making An Impact On Thursday

Hurricane Florence is beginning it’s assault on the coast of North and South Carolina today. It is a huge storm that is going to impact a lot of people and possibly damage a massive amounts of property. It’s going to be a very rough couple of days for those in harm’s way.

Hurricane Harvey Making Way To Texas In The Gulf #hurricaneharvey

Hurricane Harvey is promising to be a massive storm that’s brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a powerful category 2 or 3 storm that could do lots of damage. Texas looks like it will get hit the hardest. Let’s hope for the best for those in the path of the storm.

Severe #Weather Overnight in #Chattanooga

Courtesy of wrcbtv.com – Chattanooga, TN

The overnight weather has brought much needed rain to the area but in the form of severe storms. We had tornado warnings and watches along with severe thunderstorm warnings. It was very stormy overnight with a lot of thunder, lightning and winds. Some area school systems were on delay or closed. Perhaps this rain will be a cleansing thing that will restore things here. I am hoping the Gatlinburg, Tennessee area got a good soaking to take care of the fires there. Hopefully by this afternoon things will settle down.

After The Storm

We survived some nasty storms that came through the area yesterday afternoon and evening. This line of storms carried some nasty winds and rain with loads of lightning and thunder. After the storm is a time see what it did to ones property and the surrounding area. Some places had tornadoes while others just high winds that does its own sort of damage. The funny thing is that it rained hard but there wasn’t a lot of standing water this morning in our yard. Perhaps we needed the rain more than we thought. We lost power overnight but we got it back around 6 AM this morning which was good. Needless to say we are glad we made it though.

Life’s storms come and go but after each event we can evaluate how we coped and what we need to do to survive the next event. There is a metaphor there I believe.