Fear Not

For some people of faith they are told to fear not. It’s mentioned several times in scripture and perhaps there’s something to it. We are living in an age where paranoia runs rampant but does it have to? Yes there are things to be afraid of but you know I am of the opinion that maybe we buy into scary stuff too much. Our world can be a scary place but you know we can be tougher and fearless. Courage is a great virtue and we need more of it. If we learn to love, offer and receive grace and work to make our communities better then we have a chance. Fear not good people, its a new day, a new opportunity, a new time. Once again, fear not!

From A Fortune Cookie

Nothing motivates a man more than to see his boss put in a honest day’s work


I am second in command in my department at work so this makes me mindful to set an example for others on the job. Everyone needs motivation to do their best and someone to lead the way. My own boss does a good days work so I am looking to him for guidance when needed.

Throwback Thursday


That’s me in the foreground with a Hiwassee College t-shirt on. This was from 1991 during a co-ed bible study I was a part of in college. This brings back some serious memories. I look like a dork there right out there in front. I miss times like this a little but I am really enjoying the here and now.

It’s Time To Lower That Flag

I support the move of the Confederate flag to a museum or perhaps to the pages of a history book. Americans of all stripes should work towards building a new heritage of inclusion, peace, love and reconciliation. As a southerner that flag does not speak for me because I live in the 21st century, not the 19th. We must all focus on building a new south where people of all races, genders, orientation and religions are free to live without fear.