Care For Creation

Climate change and the environment are serious issues. If you like to breathe or perhaps like four seasons then it means caring for planet Earth which is a creation made by God. Caring about the world we call our home is indeed a matter of faithful maintenance of the things that sustain life. So the Pope is right to speak on this because his Boss told him to.

Survivor 31: Cambodia – Second Chances Begins Tonight

With the season premiere of “Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance” slated for tonight, fans of the reality competition will get to reunite with some of their favorite castaways from previous seasons.

Survivor is my favorite reality show. Its a very primal game that requires social, physical and emotional endurance. This season of second chances will be great!

It all starts at 8:00 PM on CBS TV in the United States.

A Ramble About Memories

Good memories can help us through the tough times while other memories can cause great pain. Memories can be a tricky thing like that because of what is in them and how you felt. Our current state is impacted by the memories we have made and continue to hold on to.

Some folks would love to go back to the way things were while others in the same era have nightmares of where they have been. Memory is a powerful thing that can influence the present.

The Digital Home Of T-Bird, Among Other Things

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