It’s New Year’s Eve, 2023 Is Upon Us

It’s New Year’s Eve. A new year dawns. Let’s see what it has for us. Remember 2022 and hope for a good year ahead in 2023. When you think about it this is when we time travel.

Grace, peace, and love to us all.

New Years Eve, Sending 2020 Into History

My friends, it’s New Year’s Eve and it’s time we said farewell to 2020. In what has been a horrible year we can look forward to a new one that I hope will be better all around for everyone. Of course, it’s a clean slate and we can all be grateful for that. Peace to you all and peace on Earth.

For some 2021 has already come and we wish you, good people, a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2020! #happynewyear


Hello everyone, it’s now 2020 and will this era in history roar like it did a century ago? May 2020 be good for all of us. Grace, peace, and love to each of you who follow along and for those just visiting. Keep on blogging good people!

Happy New Years Eve! Out With 2017, In With 2018!


It’s New Years Eve here in the Western Hemisphere still and we are awaiting the changing of time and 2018 making its appearance. Making a new start in a new year is always a nice idea but sometimes the past tends to rear its head when you don’t want it too. For all of us I hope for good things and less adversity. We all could use a new year full of opportunities that can make our lives and hopefully the lives of other better.

So as we count down the hours and minutes lets reflect on the past but make plans for a brighter tomorrow. Happy New Year everyone!

My Last Post of 2016, I Think


This has been a challenging year for many and a time of great loss for the global cultural community. Many of our icons and heroes have left us. Some of us have had personal situations that have tested us. We have seen political and national unrest. Life is about to get more interesting as we head into 2017.

No matter our situation we have comfort in holding close to the things that truly matter such as family, friendship and faith. In the coming year we have to come together to make a difference individually and collectively. Our world needs us now more than ever.

As bloggers we have an obligation to decrease the suck we see in the world. Our global outreach can make a true difference. No matter what we have a passion for we have to share it so others can be see the light.

My friends I wish you nothing but the best and as we look into the new year we will see great opportunities to do good things because the bad stuff will keep coming. Grace and peace everyone. Have a very Happy New Year.