Yes, Sometimes I am Judgy and Rude

I let my passions get the best of me and sometimes I say things that can come across as judgy or rude. My friends its another way that I am not perfect and never will be. Thanks for continuing to like me. Forgive me, Lord hear my prayer.

Five Things To Quit And Me


I am very much the people pleaser that I forget to please me. Change can be difficult for me in some situations. Sometimes I live in the past, depending on what the circumstances are. Believe it or not I am not a fan of myself and I over-think everything. Sounds like a mess if you ask me, but these things can be changed with some effort. All the things on this list can cause me and the ones I love some frustration and a little heart ache.

Welcome Newbies To The Blog of Tony Burgess!

I have had some new followers here in the past few days and I want you to know I appreciate your interest in me and my blog.

A few things you should know….

  • I am a geek for life.
  • I am married and we have a dog.
  • I post pictures of food, like who doesn’t
  • I am a middle aged dork…45 to be exact.
  • I often don’t act my age but I do feel it at times.
  • I am left of center on many topics including politics, religion and culture.
  • I am a believer in God.
  • I love science fiction.
  • I am a total Anglophile and embrace its media and culture.
  • I have been told I am a nice guy so I will let you be the judge.
  • My blog is here to chronicle and curate all the stuff in my life which includes a lot of interests.

So fellow bloggers I encourage you to offer feedback, comments and to keep on blogging yourselves.