A Powerful Commentary on Coronavirus and Christians

I believe in God and science and when science tells me that wearing a mask is the right thing to do I will love my neighbors as myself and wear a mask. It’s an easy thing to do to ensure the well being of all those around me during this time of the Coronavirus. I wish others would take heed to the science which can save lives.

A Note To Folks In The Jesus Fandom This Easter Sunday #easter

My fellow believers this is one weekend that you want to be on your best behavior not just in your Easter Sunday best. People from outside the Jesus fandom are watching and they are taking notes.

Wisdom From Martin Luther


Christians are called upon to love their neighbors as themselves and to share the love of Christ with the world. Humility is something Jesus talked about and lived. In your work its better to do your best and show you have pride in what you do. It’s a reflection of the gifts you have been given from God. Making great shoes is a better statement of faith than to put crosses on the things you make or on your person. Martin Luther is very right that it’s better to work hard and do good than to offer lip service to a world that just doesn’t want to hear it.

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