Thank You, Cody Rhodes

Brandi and Cody Rhodes, Formerly of All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is my favorite professional wrestling promotion. Cody Rhodes is one of its first wrestlers and I would go as far as saying founders announced he is leaving today. Rhodes was the first TNT Champion for AEW. Brandi Rhodes who is Cody’s wife wrestled for AEW and served as their Chief Brand Officer is also leaving.

I would say Cody is one of my top 5 pro wrestlers and I have been with his journey from the start of AEW. He is also the son of legendary wrestler Dusty Rhodes. I will miss seeing him on Wednesdays on AEW’s television shows “Dynamite” and “Rampage” and yeah I am sad to see him go. I hope wherever he lands he will be the best and that hopefully one day he will end up back in AEW.

Thank you Cody for all you have done for AEW and the sport of pro wrestling.

Congratulations All Elite Wrestling on Your Dynamite Anniversary @AEW

My favorite professional wrestling show celebrates one year on television tonight. AEW or All Elite Wrestling has done a lot of important things in the world of pro wrestling. I have been a pro wrestling fan off and on throughout my life and AEW re-sparked my interest in the sport. I am looking forward to every champion putting their titles on the line tonight in what will be a historic evening in TV.

Ten Favorite Pro Wrestlers – Cody of AEW @CodyRhodes

A friend of mine on Facebook tagged me to post 10 of my favorite wrestlers for 10 days. No explanation, no review, just the wrestler.

Today is The American Nightmare Cody of All Elite Wrestling

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