Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Create

Bloggers create, writers create, artists create, musicians create, chefs create. When you create something you put a part of your point of view out there for the world to see, experience and consume. It takes courage to create things in the hope that others will like and enjoy it. The key is to do it for yourself first and don’t let others get you down when they don’t connect with your work. Being a people pleaser that is hard to do. One thing you can say is that you are brave enough to offer something different and from your heart. Go and create today!


Daily Prompt: Original

Being an original is so hard when so many want to be copy cats. Doing something new, innovative and exciting takes a lot of hard work. I think of people who were brave to create things that made the world a better place.

WordPress.com as a social blogging platform is full of original and creative people doing interesting things. Being original means standing out from the rest. It’s encouraging when original people empower others to be original themselves.

On a personal level being original means marching to the beat of your own drummer. It is sad when originality and individuality are met with criticism. Always be you, always be original.

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Nothing New, Sort Of

It’s coming to the point where there is nothing new under the Sun. You see a lot of posts that have a familiar feel to them and that is because someone inspired someone else to write something. I think you see that in books and entertainment lately with a lot of reboots and story lines you have seen before. Everything runs together and sounds familiar. Now if someone just copied and pasted your work and did some slight changes then that is another story, that is stealing and that is wrong. I believe in being original or trying to be. Trying to do something new is a challenge. Protecting your work is a must. However know that inspiring someone to be creative is a honor and a privilege.