St. Francis Sunday, Blessing of the Animals at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church In Chattanooga

St Francis is the patron saint of animals so many churches offer animal blessing services, usually held on or around October 4th. At my church, St Peter’s Episcopal this morning we had morning prayers and a blessing of the animals rolled into one service. It is always fun to have our four-legged friends join us. All we had this morning was dogs and cats but, in the past, we have had farm animals, snakes, and spiders. All things great and small have been blessed at this service.

A Dog’s Purpose – A Dog Gone Good Flick


A Dog’s Purpose is one of those movies that you need to see because of all the feels. It is about the journey of a dog through different incarnations. There is a good balance of good and bad things in the story so you don’t find yourself getting all weepy, which I expected to be but wasn’t. If you are a dog lover like I am you need to check this movie out. It’s safe for all ages but there are some intense scenes that kids might need some hand holding through. The cast is wonderful and keeps the story moving along nicely. Check it out because we need some feel-good stuff in the times in which we live.

WoofPress, The WordPress for Dogs

This dog does not have a blog.

If a there was a dog version of WordPress would it be “WoofPress”….What would your dog say if it had a blog. Just think of all the things they see daily that they don’t say a word about. Dogs are loyal and fortunately they can’t air your dirty laundry on a blog. Now cats would be totally tell-all. I think the dog version of Twitter is Woofer.

It’s National Dog Day, Celebrate Canines!

Happy National Dog Day! August 26 is set aside to honor dogs across the nation. Let us celebrate these loyal members of our families who make our lives better. There are also dogs who serve our communities through the police, fire and guide dogs. We owe much to the dogs in our world.

This post is in honor of Cody our Lab-mix and in memory of Mikey our Cock-a-Poo. We love both our boys very much.

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