Black and White Photo Challenge – Day 1

I have been challenged by a couple of my fellow bloggers to do a black and white photo challenge. Today I am accepting that challenge and I hope to do good here. Thank you for giving me this opportunity my friends. Anyone who wishes to do this I challenge you.


I am a Licensed Lay Eucharistic Minister at my church, this means I can serve communion at any Episcopal Church in the Diocese of East Tennessee. This is a Credence Table where elements of Communion stand ready for worship. This is a important part of my service at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.

Away For The Weekend, Hanging With Some Churchmen

I will be away at a men’s retreat sponsored by the Episcopal Churches of Tennessee. This is my second year going and I am ready to have some fun and to be spiritually renewed. Being in the company of these guys reminds me its good to be a guy who loves his God and his fellow-man. Being in a place where you can just relax and have a good time is important to filling your physical, emotional and spiritual tanks much like you do your car. Being taken care of even self-care is important.

Of course I will be sharing as I go along in the weekend. My phone will be with me and there is good cell service where I will be. Have a great weekend my friends. Grace and peace

Today Is Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day!


Shrove Tuesday (also known in Commonwealth countries as Pancake Tuesday or Pancake day) is the day in February or March immediately preceding Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent), which is celebrated in some countries by consuming pancakes. In others, especially those where it is called Mardi Gras or some translation thereof, this is a carnival day, and also the last day of “fat eating” or “gorging” before the fasting period of Lent. Source: Shrove Tuesday – Wikipedia

This evening at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church we will gather together to feast on pancakes and to enjoy each others company. Any excuse for eating pancakes any time of day is good with me. Tomorrow will begin the season of Lent which encourages introspection, meditation and fasting leading up to Easter.

Trinity Sunday in The Christian Faith Tradition

holy_trinityI believe the Holy Trinity is about God being expressed in three different forms both spiritual, physical and perhaps in creation. This is a tough topic for clergy folks to talk about but alas its still there. Father, Son, Holy Spirit can speak to us in different ways. Three in one is a mystery but that helps us use our minds as well as our hearts when encountering the creator of the universe. To my fellow Anglicans/Episcopalians and other Christians around the world may Trinity Sunday speak to you in a profound way.

To those who aren’t believers may you find comfort in your own way. May your traditions keep you connected to the spirits of people you love.

Today Is Maundy Thursday

(From The Episcopal Church Website) The Thursday in Holy Week. It is part of the Triduum, or three holy days before Easter. It comes from the Latin mandatum novum, “new commandment,” from John 13:34. The ceremony of washing feet was also referred to as “the Maundy.” Maundy Thursday celebrations also commemorate the institution of the eucharist by Jesus “on the night he was betrayed.”

This evening at my parish, St. Peter’s Episcopal we will observe this event as a part of our Holy Week observances. Easter is one day, an important day but the story of it all begins on Palm Sunday leading up to Good Friday. The story of Easter is not complete without it’s backstory.

First Sunday of Advent in Pictures

Today was the first Sunday of Advent in our new church and I took a few picture to capture the experience of the day. It’s going to be great season leading up to Christmas. We are glad to be at St. Peter’s Episcopal in Chattanooga.

Confirmation Sunday @ St. Peter’s Episcopal

Today was a special day at church where my wife and I were confirmed into the Episcopal Church. I am blessed to be in a place that values people and shares Christ to people of all walks of life. Our Bishop came to confirm four people, preach and deliver the Eucharist.

St. Peter’s and the greater Episcopal church allows me to believe with my mind, heart and soul. We are connected with the global Anglican communion which excites me being an Anglophile and all. I am grateful the church has helped me appreciate the power of scripture in worship. Now, as I begin my life in a new place of worship I am looking forward to sharing with you what I discover.