7 Days – 7 Photos Of Everyday Life

My friend John Walker challenged me on Facebook to do this 7 days – 7 photos of everyday life. No explanation, all black and white. Any one of you is welcome to do the same. I believe I can rise to the occasion.


This is day number 1.

Save A Lot Grocery Haul, Because You Gotta Eat @savealot

This is just a portion of what we bought. The perishable stuff is in the fridge and freezer.

The Sunday after getting paid is when we head to the grocery store usually. We go after Church just because it’s convenient. Save A Lot is a discount grocery store with a smaller selection at cheaper prices. Saving money is important and lots of folks will do their shopping there and at places like Aldi and Trader Joe’s.

Before going to the store take an inventory of what you have, plan a menu and shop accordingly. There is an app called Out Of Milk that can help organize your shopping trip. You save money and time that way. We will eat well this next couple of weeks.