A Nightmare On Elm Street, Scary Stuff

I lived a self-sheltered youth. I am also a total wuss when it comes to horror movies. This is the first time I am watching A Nightmare On Elm Street. This one is creepy as hell and that is the point. Freddy Kruger is a chaotic, evil man. I didn’t know that this was Johnny Depp’s first big movie.

Halloween, The Michael Myers Story

Believe it or not, I have never seen any of these movies. Tonight I am seeing the original picture for the first time. It’s a creepy psychological thriller. Jamie Lee Curtis looks so young I would guess because the movie was made in 1978. Micheal Myers is as scary as billed.

From Sears to Spirit

This is a former Sears store. Now it’s a Spirit Halloween Store which is around for just a short time during this spooky time of year. These stores pop up every year in closed and abandoned retail spaces. It’s kind of depressing if you ask me. On a personal note, my dad worked for Sears when he retired.

Boo! Halloween Candy Is Making Its Appearance

At a nearby convenience store, Halloween candy is making its appearance. It isn’t even September yet. I love Reese’s and even like candy corn, but this is ridiculous. Stuff comes around earlier and earlier every year.