Happy Independence Day India

Independence Day is annually celebrated on 15th August, as a national holiday in India commemorating the nation’s independence from the United Kingdom on 15 August 1947, the UK Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act 1947 transferring legislative sovereignty to the Indian Constituent Assembly.

To all my friends and followers from India have a great day of celebrating and coming together as a nation. Happy Independence Day!

Just Saying – Independence Things

To all my friends who love this country but don’t subscribe to the notion that you have to always like it I salute you. Independence is a gift that can be taken away as easily as it was given. God’s grace should be available to all nations without favor toward one. Everyone should have a seat at the table of discussion and we should all have access to things that give us the promise of life, liberty and happiness without discrimination. Independence Day is a important time to consider what this nation is still becoming. Independence doesn’t mean always going it alone because we are still accountable to one another for our actions. Patriots come in all forms and viewpoints and they don’t always carry arms. Let freedom truly ring…Just saying.

Music Monday – Neil Diamond – America #independenceday #4thofjuly

This is my favorite contemporary song about America. Neil Diamond speaks and sings from a place welcoming and hospitality, two things America should be about always.

Happy Independence Day, Let True Freedom Ring For ALL To Hear 

​I salute those who embody the spirit of America by doing things to make life better for everyone. To my fellow Americans who follow the beat of a different drummer you rock. We are made greater by the nerds and geeks and peacemakers who aren’t afraid to be themselves. 

Our country is made stronger by diversity of race, creed, gender, orientation and thought. To my fellow geek/nerd-Americans your sacrifice of time, talent and treasure is very important and appreciated. May we help our country be the best it can be daily. Grace and peace to everyone this 4th of July.

Happy Independence Day. Let true freedom ring for ALL to hear and feel and to realize.

Independence Day, A Family Holiday Tradition #independenceday #id4 #movies

The aliens are coming and their goal is to invade and destroy Earth. Fighting superior technology, mankind’s best weapon is the will to survive.

Source: Independence Day (1996) – IMDb

It’s hard to believe that on July 2, 2016 this movie will be 20 years old. The film has aged well and I think it remains one of the best of its genre. There is great storytelling and plenty of action. Lots of stuff gets blown up, normally that bothers me about movies but in this one it doesn’t seem to.

Will Smith became a superstar because of his role in Independence Day. The casting in this movie is top notch too with lots of well-known names such as Jeff Goldblum, Robert Loggia, Judd Hirsch, Mary McDonnell, Vivica A. Fox and Harvey Fierstein.

This movie is a 4th of July holiday tradition. We watch it every year.

Neil Diamond – America

Original video of Neil Diamond performing America from The Jazz Singer, presented here remastered in clean DTS Digital Sound from the limited edition 25th Anniversary release of The Jazz Singer

This is my favorite America themed song. This is a powerful statement about what it is to come to America for opportunity and freedom.