Labor Day 2022, Honoring Workers Everywhere!

Happy Labor Day to all who make things work and move in our communities. Your dedication and determination make a better world to live in. May your efforts be recognized and respected.

Here’s to all who are working on this holiday. Keep on going good people. Prosperity and peace are possible through the work of our heads and hands.

Happy Labor Day 2021 – #laborday

Today is a day set apart to honor the contributions of those who work to build our communities. It takes skilled and talented people to make the world work and they should be celebrated.

Usually Labor Day is a day of rest and gathering with family and friends. For me it’s another day of being on the job which is alright because I’m grateful to be able to work and make the world a better place.

Thanks to all who are laboring each day to do great things. It’s appreciated good people.

Happy Labor Day Monday!

To all those who work and have worked thank you for your service and sacrifice. You are the heroes that keep our world moving. A special shout out to those who have worked in tough situations during the pandemic, we see you doing your best. Rock on!

Happy Labor Day America


Today is Labor Day in America. It’s a time set aside to honor those who work hard every day. This holiday is a day of rest for many workers while some have to be on the job to keep things moving. I am glad to be off myself on the fourth day of my four-day weekend. Here’s to all of you who are working today and every day.

Music Monday – Dolly Parton 9 to 5 – In Honor of #LaborDay

Dolly Parton is one of the most talented and hard working people in show business ever. What she has done in her career is generate hit after hit. She also is a great person and businesswoman who has done a lot for so many. Her hit song “9 to 5” is one of those songs that tells the story of a working person that applies to so many people.

Happy Friday My Friends, Happy Friday!

Not only is it the first of September, it’s also Friday. For me it’s the beginning of a 3-day weekend because monday is Labor Day in the USA. Have a great Friday my friends, may it sparkle!

Music Monday – Huey Lewis And The News – Workin’ For A Livin’

In Honor of Labor Day, This Song Is Appropriate

The Tony Burgess Blog

Since I am back to work today this seems very appropriate. Here’s to all the folks who are working for a living and to those finding their way back to working for more. Released in 1982 this Huey Lewis and The News song still has a great beat.

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