Rambling About The Death Penalty

Tonight in Georgia a woman is on death row set to die for the murder of her husband. Kelly Gissendaner did a very bad thing, but should it mean she should die too? You might be surprised that I have supported the death penalty, but now I am having new thoughts about it. Are we a society where capital punishment is still an option? In many places in this country and around the world it is.

Is justice really served with an eye for an eye? As Pope Francis said recently life is precious and with that being said, should we end one life to get redemption/revenge for the taking of another life. Some would say there are situations where it is warranted such as in the cases where children are concerned. As a believer I am concerned with the aspects of justice where some on death row are wrongly convicted of crimes they did not commit. So many are in prisons for life because of bad evidence and witness testimony.

This is not an easy thing to figure out. Perhaps we should all work to be sure things like crimes don’t happen so the death penalty are not an issue. Everyone has their own views and no two people agree about every aspect of this difficult subject. Death is a serious thing, it will always be.