Marking A Milestone

It’s important to mark milestones. Anniversaries, birthdays, deaths, job starts/losses and life transitions are all things that we measure time by. Especially when your blog reaches a new follower count or you have made 500 posts. Celebrating and observing those times in your life where important things happened can help you remember and treasure everything that is going on with you.

Older People

Older people enjoy the company of younger folks. Yes there are exceptions to that rule but I think being in the company of wise folks can benefit everyone. There are amazing stories from people who are seasoned citizens, people who have lived through a lot of different things. You can learn a lot from someone who’s been around the block a time or two. As a younger person there is life changing wisdom that can be gained. Be open to cross-generational opportunities for friendship.

Pro Tip: Life

Don’t let your work keep you away from people and things you love. Working is important and each of us has a calling in life to do something to provide for our families and to make the world a better place. Sometimes money changes everything. However don’t let that work get in the way of other things that are important to you. Balance is great if you can achieve it.

Life Is Worth Living

Whatever problems people have there are creative ways to resolve them. Drugs, self-harm and and the like are not answers. All life is valuable, all life is a gift from God, all life is important. Give yourself a break. Each of you have a contribution to the world to make. Be strong.

Get help when you feel desperate. There are plenty of resources in your local area so you don’t have to go down the road of destruction others have taken. Think about how many creative people have fallen victim to their troubles and we all know someone who could have done amazing things. It’s very sad that they did not have to perish before their time.

Life is worth living, you will have issues but you can get past them.  Have peace in the chaos my friends. Friends you do matter. There are people who do care.

Be there for one another. It’s important to care for those who are in need.

Rambling About Complaining

I complain about stuff, we all complain about stuff. Maybe we complain too much. Nothing in life will go our way all the time. We won’t get our way all the time either.  Maybe if we would make due with what we have and learn to adapt our situations could be better. It’s easier said than done in that situation. Sometimes complaining is an indication that we need to change our hearts and minds, do something different. Nothing stays the same so the more we embrace that fact the better our attitudes can be. How you learn to roll with the punches says something about you. So when you feel like complaining, is there something you can do to change the circumstances and situation you are in? Just a thought for the day.

Age of Respect

I am 45 years old and I don’t think I want to be known as someones elder, although I am technically. Long living is a badge of honor and the longer you live the more opportunities you have in life but you know I don’t think I want to be “superior” to someone because I am older. Children should be taught to respect their elders but there comes a time in life where there is equalization despite ones age. People you once called Mr./Mrs./Ms you can call in time by their first name. Age is a number, sometimes it must be respected but other times its something that shouldn’t be a serious issue.