Some Highlights from MTSU victory over Minnesota #marchmadness

March Madness the NCAA college basketball tournament is in full swing. My alma mater won today. They play Saturday against Butler University.

Go MTSU Blue Raiders, Beat Syracuse! #mtsu #marchmadness


My alma mater Middle Tennessee State University plays Syracuse University tonight in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. I am excited to see my school doing so well. It’s going to be an exciting game no matter what. GO BLUE RAIDERS!

Today is Selection Sunday! NCAA March Madness |

2015-16 Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament – March Madness

Source: NCAA March Madness |

Today the teams of the men’s Division I basketball tournament will be announced. My alma mater Middle Tennessee State University and my hometown team Chattanooga Mocs are in the tournament. The drama is to find out when, where and who they will be playing this week. For those outside the USA this is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. College/University basketball is a sport and a spectacle that has the hearts and minds of people from all across our country.

Go MTSU Blue Raiders and Go Chattanooga Mocs!