Commentary On Current Events

The situation with Iran has me scared. It should have us all scared. To be honest I never felt afraid of either country and now we have to be concerned in light of the assassination of Qassem Soleimani. Sure he might have been a dangerous individual but his killing in my view will mean violence against American forces and perhaps civilians in the region. To me, it was the wrong move. Diplomacy and foreign policy should always win the day when it can.

The Bushfires Of Australia images coming out of the country are heartbreaking. The people of the country are having to escape the fires. Property and lives have been lost. The greatest impact is so many animals have lost their homes and so many more have been killed.

Political Discourse always has people wondering what’s going to happen next. From Brexit to Impeachment there is much internationally to keep us on edge. It will be interesting how everything will shake out and how much impact it will have on the world.

The New England Patriots aren’t going to the Super Bowl of the National Football League. That might be something that can bring a bunch of people into an agreement that it is a very good thing.



Congratulations New England Patriots. Super Bowl LIII Champions #superbowl #nfl #patriots


The New England Patriots have won Super Bowl LIII for their sixth NFL Championship. They beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday in America #sb52

This evening in Minneapolis, Minnesota at US Bank Stadium the defending Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots will take on the upstart Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 52. This is the biggest one day sporting event in America. The Patriots have won 5 championships and a win for The Eagles will be their first. I am pulling for Philadelphia tonight just because they haven’t won the big game in their history. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history and he hopes to cement his growing legend and legacy. I am looking forward to the game and spending time with family eating a lot of good things.

Super Bowl 52 Is Set

The Philadelphia Eagles will take on defending champion New England Patriots in Minneapolis at US Bank Stadium. It’s going to be a great game. I predict most of America is going to cheer for the Eagles. I have friends on both sides of the contest.

Congratulations New England Patriots #sb51

The Patriots win again in a fantastic comeback. Tom Brady is the greatest of all time.

Super Bowl Halftime Show By Lady Gaga #sb51

The incredibly talented Lady Gaga will be doing the Pepsi Half Time Show at Super Bowl LI (51). She is a fantastic performer who sang the US national anthem at last years game in San Francisco. She is sure to bring the house down in Houston.

Super Bowl LI (51) Sunday Is Coming! #sb51 #superbowl

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, one of the biggest sporting days in the United States and maybe the world. Here is a little something to get you ready for the game. I will be posting about the big game on my blog all day tomorrow. It’s about the Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots and who will carry home the Vince Lombardi Trophy!