Discover Challenge: Numbers


The big number for American’s is 270…that is how many electoral votes from the electoral college it takes to become President Of The United States. There is also the popular vote number which is important too. There are other numbers like how many Senators and Representatives from both parties will be in congress in January. Today lots of numbers are being thrown around. It will be interesting to see what those numbers will mean to people in a tangible way. Let’s see what numbers will mean for us as we discover how they are going revealed to us.

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Rambling About Numbers

Numbers are the measurement of success or failure in business and other things. To me numbers only tell one part of a story. Without context or experience those numbers can’t inform one of what is truly going on. Everything has a explanation and a reason for happening and I don’t think what you see on a spreadsheet can tell you everything you need to know. However there is a counter argument that numbers never lie. But you can manipulate those numbers for your own purposes. Remember every number counts but you can never count on the numbers being there for you.

Numbers and Me, I Hope To Make Friends With Them

Friends, I really suck at math and that sort of thing. My new job requires I spend a lot of time with them and manipulating data. Today I spent time working a spreadsheet and inputting statistics to compile information to give to my boss.

So with that being said I am hoping to keep things simple. Numbers scare me because of how they can be used in good and bad ways. Processing numbers and data is not a new thing for me but there are things I have to do in order to keep my team moving. Today is an example of doing interesting things with rows, columns and cells. I just hope everything adds up.

I am hoping to learn and grow in this so I can become friends with numbers.

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