Realistic Reality

The value of guns and flags are unfortunately worth more than flesh and bone and souls in the minds of many. It’s a sad state of affairs when we put things up on a pedestal to worship them while at the same time reducing the value of human life in all its forms. Greed and hate and pollution are what seems to be ubiquitous whereas generosity, love and care and conservation are things hard to come by. The death of humanity seems to be at hand and what do we do about it? That is a huge question we all must answer. How can we value things that give joy, comfort, peace and giving instead of the opposite. Our world is in peril and as its passengers on this ship we have to find out how to get along before we get gone. Realistic reality is a hard thing to look at but it is something we must face. What do we do? What do we value most?

Back To Life, Back To Reality

Tomorrow the holidays will be over for most folks. Some businesses observe New Years on Monday while others say it’s back to work. All the fun stuff is going away and we are going back into reality and that can suck. I suppose the best way to get back to regular routine is to just do regular routine. Get up, get ready, go to work, get home when your shift is done. The holidays haven’t had the same flair this year for some reason. Perhaps its the world situation that has creeped in with how 2016 was such a horrible year.

I have a 3-day weekend so I won’t be going back to work until Tuesday. Then I am taking Friday off because I need a bit of a break after a very tough late November through December at work.

So as real life begins to reestablish itself as the normal perhaps we can find time to have moments of holiday whenever we can. Have a good return to the office, wherever that might be.

Something About The Way Things Should Be, But They Aren’t

I am an idealist who sees the world sometimes in black and white. My vision of reality is based upon what would be the best situation. Yeah there is a part of me that is an optimist who is very positive. Sometimes I speak in absolutes. There is a part of me that is very justice driven and that gets in the way of how I see people and situations. This is something I fear leads me to being  somewhat judgmental and yes narrow minded. We live in a shades of gray world and I need to work harder to be more shades of gray and that not everything is built on absolutes or hard and fast rules. The world is changing and I love that, I need to be ready to change with it.

We all have ideas on how things should be, but we have to live in the reality that they aren’t and that is the place we have to be in with others who think and see things their own way. This is a way to live peacefully in community and to be more like the Creator who made us all unique and special. I don’t run the world but I can manage my little part of it.