Happy Rosh Hashanah – Shanah Tovah שנה טובה #roshhashanah


To all my friends celebrating the Jewish New Year, I wish you a blessed time of celebration. May it be a sweet time for you all. שנה טובה

Happy Rosh Hashanah To My Jewish Friends #roshhashanah


Rosh Hashanah, literally meaning the “beginning [of] the year” is the Jewish New Year. It’s celebrated by praying in synagogue, personal reflection, and hearing the shofar. To my Jewish friends may this be a blessed time for you and yours.

Happy Rosh Hashanah To The Jewish Community Around The World #roshhashanah #jewish

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year festival, held on the first (also sometimes the second) day of Tishri (in September). It is marked by the blowing of the shofar, and begins the ten days of penitence culminating in Yom Kippur. This year’s festival begins in the evening of Sunday, October 2 and ends in the evening of Tuesday, October 4.

Grace and peace to my Jewish friends who are celebrating. I wish you grace, peace and love during this time.