In A Rut

We all get in a rut about something or another. For me it can be what I order at a restaurant or cook at home. There is comfort in routine and certain things that give us a sense of familiarity. Everyone has a short list of things that we enjoy in life. Many of us don’t venture out to explore new things and to seek out new experiences. Maybe being in that rut says something about us, about how we need the security of predictable motions. Sheldon Cooper of “The Big Bang Theory” is one of those TV characters who stays in a rut, likes things to be the way they are. Anything new rocks his world and disturbs the order of his life. Sometimes we need an Amy Farrah Fowler (his girlfriend) to help us get out of routines and ruts and to see things in a new way. So whatever rut you are into try something new. It’s all good. Be brave, I hope I can follow my own advice.