#Skyscraper – A Great Family Thriller


I saw Dwayne Johnson’s new movie “Skyscraper” today and was throughly entertained. He is the great action hero for the days we live in. This movie shows off his range of being tender, passionate, fierce and strong. He is out to rescue his family from a 200 story high rise in Hong Kong (that’s all I will reveal about the movie so no more spoilers).

This is a nod to movies of its genre such as “Die Hard” and “The Towering Inferno” among others. The movie has strong females too including Neve Campbell who plays his wife, she is formidable as well. Set in one of the great places in asia you get sucked into a whole new world and culture which makes it all the more interesting. I recommend you see this on the big screen its worth your money and a little over an hour and a half.