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There Is Power In Music

A song, a lyric, a stanza can speak louder than a protest. Anthems and rhythm can resonate in such a way to move people to action. Sometimes a tune can change the world. We have music in our lives that speak to us in an intimate and profound way. You can say a lot in the notes and words that stick with you and come up from memory. We all need music to say what we can’t say on our own.

Music can be subversive, confrontational, inspirational, transformative and soul-stirring. Music can sound the call to war or it can rally people for peace. There is power in a song. The thing about music is that its timeless and generational at the same time. You hear your heart when you hear people singing from their hearts. It can be nonsense to one person but incredibly meaningful to another.

So whether its a record, a CD, an 8-Track a cassette, on your personal music player or live in person or from an instrument you play you are powerful.