Baby It Is Cold in #Chattanooga. It Was In The 20’s This Morning

This morning it got down into the twenties (F) in Chattanooga this morning. It is the coldest its been in quite some time. I felt like this tune was appropriate today as it is approaching winter here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Welcome Spring 2016!


Spring has sprung sort of here. The temps to start the day were in the 40’s and haven’t warmed up much. We haven’t had much of a winter to speak of. There was only a small snow event in January and it’s been fairly mild. A new season has begun and the year is going by. Let’s have some spring to our steps.

So, It’s The First Day Of Winter

First-Day-of-Winter-2015In the northern hemisphere its the first day of Winter. Where I live its 61 degrees so it doesn’t feel like the classic winter temperatures. More than likely there will not be a white Christmas but those are few and far between. I am ready for some colder, more winter-like weather.

The EPB Window Displays for 2015 in #Chattanooga

Each year our electric and fiber optic utility company sets up a window display for the holidays. They are different each year. This year’s ensemble features children having fun in various vignettes. Also there is a special display honoring the service of those in our community who have served in the military. There is a winter wonderland happening here.