The Thing About Brutal Honesty

Sometimes brutal honesty is nothing more than brute force using words. Is it really necessary? Sensitive people aren’t equipped to take this sort of thing. There are other ways of telling the truth and every situation is different. Sometimes its just misplaced anger.

The Thing About Change

The thing about change is that it comes from life and experience. You are a different version of yourself as you go through time and space. Who you are is not who you will become if that makes any sense. Everyone is new throughout their existence and that is the only constant. I’m being written into a new person as we speak and it’s scary and interesting at the same time.

The Thing About 49

Yeah, today (August 29, 2018) I turned 49. Another year older, wiser maybe, dorky definitely. With that being said I don’t act it because that would be so boring but I do feel it. Slowing down even at my age can be a bummer. The one thing I have chosen is to relate to people from all generations. Sharing our common struggles in life can make this whole living thing so much better. Age is just a number so they say and I think there is merit to it.

Everyone is in different places in life but there are people who have been where others are just now are. I am not going to be the old guy who knows more than the younger folks but I hope I can be there for everyone if they need someone.

Making it through life is tough today it was tough yesterday and the days before that. Being aware of that can make someone who’s 19, 29, 39 and 49 feel better about where they are and where they are going.

To all those who are younger thanks for your friendship. To those who are older thanks for your connecting with me and letting me see what’s down the road.

The road to the big 5-0 begins today.

The Thing About Overwhelming Evil

The thing about overwhelming evil is that those who perpetrate it come from a place that what they think is the only thing that matters. Asserting what they believe and imposing that belief on others even when it causes great pain is just a horrible thing to do. People deserve to live without people in the shadows plotting against them and stripping their dignity, freedom and choice of life. Today I was reminded of how very damaged people exert revenge on the world because they feel the need to make others hurt.

The Thing About Saints

No saint is a true saint in every sense of the word. First of all every saint is a human being who isn’t perfect, makes mistakes and does bad things from time to time. Perfection is impossible. Looking for the good in people is difficult in a world full of cynics and people looking for those gotcha moments to tear people down. I believe there is saint-like characteristics in most people, maybe we would be better if we encouraged people to exhibit those traits more often. A person is known by their spirit and the fruit they bear. Kindness and love can make people strive to be Saints despite their imperfections.