My Heroes Come And Gone

Mario Lopez said on Twitter that the bad part of getting older is seeing your heroes pass on. I must say he is on to something. Many of the people in real life and in pop culture who I call my heroes are leaving this life. At the ripe old age of 45 I am reading more and more the people who were a important part of my growing up are going through transitions in life. I am grateful for the lives of people I looked up to and admired. They influenced me to be who I am.

One thought on “My Heroes Come And Gone

  1. I know what you mean, Tony. I’m slightly ahead of you in terms of age and hardly a month seems to go by these days without a beloved childhood hero passing on. The fact they were beloved childhood heroes, though, in itself shows that they contributed a lot to society during their lives.

    Of course, many other people contributed to society as friends, parents, good neighbors or whatever, but in a quieter way, known only to those few who knew them. It doesn’t matter that they’re not household names. It all counts and it’s all valuable.


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