The San Bernadino Shootings

I’m watching news of the San Bernadino mass shootings today on CNN and it has me feeling very sad and a little scared for the people there. A facility that helps people with mental challenges was attacked for a reason we don’t know yet. This is yet another mass shooting in our country. It is saddening that we have such a problem with guns and violence that seems to be the norm these days.

My friends the killings have to stop. I am not a fan of guns and I think some people own them to give them a sense of power and because of paranoia. Others have guns for sport and protection either reason leaves us living in a wild west situation. There is no excuse for the shootings today or any day. Can we give peace a real chance in our country? I sure hope so.

7 thoughts on “The San Bernadino Shootings”

  1. All I can do is Pray. All you can do is Pray. I have stopped looking at the news because what I see is so ugly. My husband has his CCW and I can assure you has never looked for a chance to pull his weapon. The gun debate is a very tricky one. I feel as though it is not all gun owners’ faults. And it makes it so hard on those who are responsible. My uncle hunts to survive, and he has many fire arms. Him owning them so he can hunt to feed his family is not worthy of him being persecuted. He is a Pastor, Brother, Father and Friend. He also wants to see the violence stop. But he also knows the cops cannot be solely depended on. We are thankful for our service men and first responders. But sometimes, you just have to look at the world and decide that if it came down to it, You would protect your family at whatever means necessary. Jesus is coming. And it will be glorious. Until then we face an ugly, ugly truth.

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  2. that is very sad…even sadder because no matter how much we try, this killings somehow is getting worst every day…we heard of people harmlessly killed…we saw people murdered for no reason…one good thing though is we have people like who has never stopped believing that one day soon this will end…

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  3. These sporadic shootings are getting too often and alarming. A Nation where citizens have as many guns at their disposal as they wish, it makes things easier for any crazy to just wake up and go shooting. We can only pray.


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