Back on Facebook, Yeah I Caved

I am back on Facebook as of tonight. I caved. I am ashamed a little. Really it’s hard to have a modern online life without it. Much of what I do relies upon it for work and that sort of thing. I need to be more disciplined and not get sucked into the negative stuff there. So if you are on Facebook friend me there at tonyburgess1969 .

Blogging is still my prefered platform for expression and communication with the masses. Blogger til I die!

9 thoughts on “Back on Facebook, Yeah I Caved

    1. I’ve done this a few times but then I feel kind of bad because they are still posting stuff, thinking people are reading it… then I realize that probably happened to a lot of my posts, here I am on Facebook, posting stuff, thinking people see it… when maybe they don’t.


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