Discover Challenge: Superhero

Superheroes are a huge part of the pop culture because they help us to aspire to do greater things. We all have in our minds what a superhero is to look like and to do. They are to leap tall buildings in a single bound or perhaps sweep in to save the day. Some of them use mutant powers to make things equal for everyone.

We know the names from Marvel and DC universes but the heroes I wanna talk about don’t wear capes. People who get up in the morning to do a days work are heroes. First-responders are great heroes who go into danger to save lives, fight fires, give breath back into people whose lives are slipping away. Teachers who prepare students for the world of tomorrow are heroic. A person who wears the uniform of their country to defend it are heroes. People who give their time, talent and treasure. Blood donors who give to save 3 lives. Parents and families are heroes who do their part to contribute to community and civilization. Some heroes stand up to fight for the rights of everyone.

Superheroes come in all shapes, sizes, races, orientation and gender. My heroes have been my spouse, parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends. Everyone has the chance to be a super hero if they make the choice to do so.

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