Boycotting The State of The Union Address For Reasons #sotu

I normally watch the State Of The Union address that is given to a joint session of Congress and most importantly the American people. However I just can’t listen to anything said by the current president. He’s not doing anything to make America “great” and most of what he will say I can’t trust. I’m not alone in this. I’m sorry, I just can’t. So tonight I will watch two TV shows about super heroes who in a fictional way are making their world’s better and safer. So The Flash and Black Lightning is where my attention will be focused. They are two heroes I can get behind. I will monitor the speech from Twitter ironically. I try to have a open mind but I have my limits.

Wonder Woman, A Great Film And Not Just The Super Hero Kind. It’s Truly Special

gal-Gadot-Wonder-Woman-movie-June-2017There are great films and Wonder Woman is one of those. It’s not just a great super hero film because that would sell it very short. Gal Godot is a great actress who is the perfect fit for this iconic role. Sometimes a film takes forever to get made because the right person for the role hadn’t come along. With that being said Godot is brilliant and the only person for the part.

This movie is about the constant battle of good vs. evil which is the ever-present theme of super hero movies. Having the movie set in World War I, which was a horrible war in and of itself provides a great backdrop for Diana Prince and Captain Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine to explore humanity from a wide array of events and emotions. I was very impressed by Diana’s sense of social awareness and she was not afraid to question everything to understand what was happening in the world.

Patty Jenkins directed an epic film. She is also a Wonder Woman in how she brought so much to the story. There is so much to like about this from the characters to the issues of justice that some people have to encounter. The story took history of the era and the mythos of Themyscira and the Amazonian’s and made something special.

You have to see this if you haven’t already. Go see it, on the big screen. You will be glad you did.

Supergirl The Movie

This movie from 1984 is the motion picture cousin to Superman. Helen Slater and Faye Dunaway are good in a pretty campy flick. In my opinion the TV series is a more serious telling of the story of Kara Zor El from Krypton. Slater is s good actress and they could have done a better movie at the time.

Discover Challenge: Superhero

Superheroes are a huge part of the pop culture because they help us to aspire to do greater things. We all have in our minds what a superhero is to look like and to do. They are to leap tall buildings in a single bound or perhaps sweep in to save the day. Some of them use mutant powers to make things equal for everyone.

We know the names from Marvel and DC universes but the heroes I wanna talk about don’t wear capes. People who get up in the morning to do a days work are heroes. First-responders are great heroes who go into danger to save lives, fight fires, give breath back into people whose lives are slipping away. Teachers who prepare students for the world of tomorrow are heroic. A person who wears the uniform of their country to defend it are heroes. People who give their time, talent and treasure. Blood donors who give to save 3 lives. Parents and families are heroes who do their part to contribute to community and civilization. Some heroes stand up to fight for the rights of everyone.

Superheroes come in all shapes, sizes, races, orientation and gender. My heroes have been my spouse, parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends. Everyone has the chance to be a super hero if they make the choice to do so.

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Lets Go To The Movies! – Avengers: The Age Of Ultron

images (3)So its time for another Avengers movie. More super heroes flying around trying to keep the world from breaking apart because of a really bad guy with lots of destructive tendencies. I enjoy these things sometimes and the stars assembled to make this franchise are people I like. So, tonight I am going to just enjoy this film and not think too hard about it. I am a geek so this is good stuff.